Wrought iron for Garden

For parks and gardens… your outdoors


Steel and wrought iron have taken over parks and gardens since the end of the 19th century.

Whether through simple structures such as stakes or plant supports, or through larger structures such as greenhouses or bridges, metal contributes to the beautification of your environment.

Passionate about our profession, we can offer and adapt all types of works according to the place, its history and our imagination!


Gazebo, Pergola, Bridges, Greenhouse, plant supports, trellis..


Everything to bring magic to your garden!

The Greenhouses…

We produce these works on demand, as we do not currently have standard models.

We study their shape according to the location, the place and the spirit desired by the client.

Leaned against a wall, curved, straight… all the possibilities are studied in order to allow their installation and to create a perfect harmony with their environment.

All our structures are made of steel, any decorations are forged in our workshop and the glasses are placed on traditional mastic.




The Bridges…

Our first bridge was built in a magnificent 18th century property in Poitou Charentes, where several branches of the river redesigned the park according to the seasons.

The latter has brought us other more contemporary sites but always integrating perfectly into their environment and with, I hope, a little note of magic and poetry…





Trellis, Gazebo, other structures…