Outdoor glass wall





The glass and steel wall, an elegant, fine and illuminated structure, was born in the mid-nineteenth century, more commonly known at the time as the “Winter Garden”.

Today, while keeping the elegance and finesse of days gone by, the glass and steel wall meets all environmental requirements.

Four times less conductive than aluminium, steel has many qualities: solidity, insulation, aestheticism and longevity.

In fact, the glass and steel wall structures are always handcrafted, thanks to the sections adapted and studied to meet the thermal standards (double-glazing…) while maintaining an extreme finesse. Although the thermal break sections are not a necessary characteristic of the steel (and our region), they exist, however, in order to meet the most demanding.

  The sections used are from the OTTOSTUMM brand, or the Ferro Finestra, RPTecnick, or Fineline ranges.




Ferrofinestra Section Example 



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