Grilles and railings

The wrought iron grilles and railings are all aim to protect against a fall or possible break in.
These structures are subject to the rules such as spaces between bars, a minimum height depending on the location, a particular finish against corrosion …
The role of the blacksmith is to make all these constraints assets by striving to propose a drawing adapted to the environment, to the architecture of the place thus guaranteeing aesthetics, longevity and security.



Here, we made 22 window railings for a public building in a listed area in downtown Niort.
The drawings have been validated by the Architectes des Bâtiments de France.
The structures are made of steel and wrought iron, traditional assemblies by screws and rivets. The handrail is in oak, the finish is galvanized and polyurethane paint.







These grilles are also located in a listed area.
The house in the city center dates from the early XIX th.






This railing, XVIII th style is located in a beautiful house listed in the Niort.
Also submitted to the opinion of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France, we had to adapt the initial drawing to the imposed requirements.









Finally, these railings are located on an outdoor terrace overhanging the Sèvre. A beautiful place!
This project is the start of a larger project since we will also during the year 2019 make the railings of several bridges located on the
We will have the opportunity to talk about it again!