Glass wall






Today, the glass and steel wall is (almost) an essential element of our housing interior decoration.
As a simple separation to structure the space (an entrance, for example) or to separate the rooms by letting brightness through,
the glass and steel wall is an ideal solution.
Through simple, refined, sophisticated, or minimalist styles
we can offer you a multitude of possibilities for the creating your wall.



The models presented below represent well what it is possible to do for your interior.

We will always offer you an original solution adapted to your tastes and your interior, not hesitating to leave the basic canopy that we see everywhere.

All our canopies are made of steel.

We mainly use 33² laminated glass but we can also integrate colored glass, stained glass, engraved glass… custom designed.

We also integrate various materials such as brass, wrought iron for ornaments or decorations, but also LEDs to bring warmth and “cocooning” to your room.

Finally, when a door is required, we produce matching handles in wrought iron or wrought brass. We can also design bronze according to demand.





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