Creations 2021, heterogeneous projects!






Stair railings, furniture, Art Nouveau glass roof, Winter garden, Front door…Like the previous year, 2021 will have been “complicated” both in terms of health and logistics.

Fortunately, the workshop has always worked, forge lit and hammers clocked to the rhythms of fire and projects!

From custom-made furniture to the creation of a greenhouse in a magnificent 18th century gîte, many creations have come out of the workshop, each more different than the next.




Stair railings, furniture, Art Nouveau glass roof, Greenhouse, Front door…



A luminous coffee table


This coffee table was made at the request of Pascal Rieu, The stained glass craftsman (Tours 37), for one of his clients.

We started with the model of the consoles that we make regularly, and more precisely with the “Line” model (see the “furniture” page of the site).

The structure is in painted and patinated steel with insertion of a textured forged pattern.

Integrated is Pascal’s magnificent stained glass window, entitled “PANDORE 2021”, backlit by battery-powered LEDs with remote control and dimmer and chromatic.




Very ART DECO stair railings


Rampe fer forgé Art déco (1)
Wroughtiron Art Deco stair railing



Very often, it suffices to create a model for us to be asked to reproduce it or more precisely, to be inspired by it.

We therefore made 2 stair railing inspired by a model we installed in 2016 (photo on the right), itself very inspired by the Art Deco period of the Roaring Twenties (1920-1931).

And yet, these two stair railingare very different…






This handrail is placed on a staircase on ” voûte Sarrazine” , going up 2 floors. The main structure was assembled on site before returning to the workshop for filling and finishing.

Polyurethane paint finish and steel patina.




As for this one, with a slightly more marked design, it was installed in a magnificent newly restored house whose owners are passionate about this period. It was good, we too!




Shower screen, steel, brass and engraved glass






Still in the same house, we installed this very original shower screen.

We made this set with the participation of Estelle Robin, glass engraver.








This greenhouse is backed by a magnificent 18th century residence in Charente-Maritime.

The structure is in steel, metallization finish and polyurethane paint. The glasses, cut into “fish scales”, are placed on traditional mastic.





Art Nouveau spirit glass wall


Because we like to offer glass wall that are out of the ordinary, we have designed this one with elegant curves.

The touch of color brought by the glasses gives it an undeniable charm…





Coffee table “Runes” et Console “untreated”


Lover of beautiful objects and works of art, I had the chance to meet these informed amateurs.

A big thank you to them for allowing me to make these two pieces.

For the console, 10 mm steel top and forged base. “Bronze” patina finish.

The coffee table is made up of around a hundred engraved and forged steel elements. Aged copper finish.




“Classic” railing, brass handrail



Of “classical” inspiration, this ramp fits perfectly into its environment.

The bars are made of 14mm round bars covered with a ring that we have modified and surmounted by a steel sphere.

The decorations are forged, screwed together.

Polyurethane paint finish and color patina.







“Modern Style” Entrance Door and wrought iron grille


We made 2 entrance doors for this magnificent house in the Marais Poitevin.

The structure was made with OTTOSTUM steel profiles with thermal break.

We then “dressed” them with a wrought iron grille with a very Art Nouveau plant motif.

A style that easily combines the old with modernity!





A fairy tale bed?


After several drawings, the client opted for this atypical bed.

The structure is made of steel, the decorations are forged with enamel inlays.

A little bird overhangs the branches to certainly watch over quiet sleep and sweet dreams…





A sculpture for a railing…


This rather unusual project was posed in Nancy.

It was about securing a wooden railing of an Art Nouveau residence.

It was not an obvious project to guarantee perfect harmony with the whole, especially by integrating another material such as wrought iron.

After several sketches, we started with this “sculpture” railing combining lightness, plants, specific to the Art Nouveau style.


A very big THANK YOU for Mr and Mrs L-T for trusting us on this project!