Art Nouveau glass wall and other options …






                                                                Glass wall are today almost essential in our interiors.

                                                                They bring that little touch of very personal decoration and delimit the spaces while keeping the light and friendliness.

                                                                La Forge de Rohane offers very personal glasswalles with always a concern for originality, balance and elegance.

                                                                This creation is very inspired by the Art Nouveau period (1870/1910).

                                                                The door is the illustration even with its curves and its curves.

                                                                The stained glass window was produced by Ateliers St Joseph de Ruffec.









Creation of spaces …



This glass wall enabled to create new spaces in the house: the entrance, the kitchen and the living room.

With customers, we favored traffic by not putting any doors.






Glass wall and LEDs: a warm and decorative atmosphere






This glass wall was made some time ago but now that the work in the house is finished,we went back to take some pictures …

A led strip was installed in the upper part of the chassis, providing, once lit, a warm and decorative atmosphere.
















A glass wall for a playroom, a dressing room door, a separation for an office, bathroom space for a bedroom … multiple possibilities for integrating a glass wall at home.